Sunday, July 9, 2017


Hi. Nothing long-winded today, which actually ties in quite nicely with something I've been thinking about since my last post.

In the beginning of any adventure, there exists a strong possibility of overwhelm, and this adventure of mine is no exception.

I must strongly resist the urge to overhaul everything, and make small achievable (and sustainable!) changes, allowing them to be firmly established before proceeding with the next change. I have always been both an all-or-nothing person, as well as perfection-oriented. In this though, I quite simply must fight against both of those things, and take a long-term, slow and steady approach. I did not get to be in this state of health quickly, after all. Yes, there are many things which need to change or disappear. But they don't all have to change right now, and if I tried, I would soon quit because it's too hard.

The vitamins are a good start, and I'm in a good place to add another thing, so here I go:


For years after the birth of each of my children, I had ...issues... which caused me to drink far less water than I should. It's become such a habit that I've basically been chronically dehydrated since 2006. I joked with a friend the other week that if the human body is 60% water, then mine is more like 30% coffee, %30 water. I laughed, but in all honesty, chronic dehydration puts me at risk for all sorts of nasty complications. It seems like an obvious next step. Thankfully, soft drinks don't present much of a problem for me - but coffee and wine? Much more challenging. As long as the water outpaces those sufficiently, I'm comfortable with keeping those on board - and let's be real, I think my family prefer to keep coffee in the equation too!

Have a great day! (and go get a drink of water, please?)

xo, Sarah

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