Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Obese but Healthy?

Hello there!

So my blood work came back, and it was rather unremarkable. Sugars, thyroid, iron, blood counts - all normal. My lipids were elevated, and liver enzymes were slightly elevated, and calcium was slightly low, but corrected to normal.

So essentially, I'm obese, but mostly healthy. Which isn't to say I shouldn't pursue better health - I may have dodged a bullet this time, but if I don't change some things, the next time I have a blood test it probably won't be as favourable.

The doctor suggested switching from butter to one of those plant seed spreads, or lower-fat versions of things I eat.  Honestly, I'd rather use less butter. I hate those spreads, because they taste awful.
And use less of the full-fat versions, rather than use low-fat versions for the same reason, plus, a lot of low-fat things have more sugar in them, which I'm trying to avoid. It presents a challenge in the calcium arena, but there are many foods which contain calcium (hello to my new BFF, broccoli), without adding a ton of fat.

I don't drink wine every night, except when I've got a bottle open, then I have one glass in the evenings with dinner. Some weeks (like this week) I don't have any, so giving it up isn't a drama.

I'm relieved but baffled at these results, and will continue to work hard. It has given me somewhat of a direction, I suppose, and that is what I was hoping for. The most important part of this is, the knowledge that I'm mostly healthy doesn't weaken my resolve to attain excellent health.

xo, Sarah

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