Thursday, January 1, 2015

Why Not Friday?

People always start new things on a Monday - or yesterday, January 1st. It's opening a new book, with crisp clean pages, and writing a new story. It feels natural to do this at a calendar-related beginning point. I've never been one to do things the 'ordinary' way - so I started this endeavour (in earnest) on December 28th. A belated Christmas gift to my family, so to speak. One that I dare say they will grow to appreciate the most of all. 

Today's weight: 85.2 

I'm going to treadmill today, as well as do a Pilates-ish workout utilising a gym ball, and some tiny handweights. 

I don't really have any reflections today. My mind isn't muddled today, with a million things I need to do, or be. I have a clear vision of what needs doing, and how to accomplish it. I feel no pressure about the 'when' of it all. It will happen slowly, until one day - there I am! The word 'journey' is wildly overused, I'll call it an odyssey. An adventure. "Come with me on an adventure" sounds so much better than "Come lose weight with me", don't you think?

XO, Sarah

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