Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Downhill Side of Detox

I'm not doing any official product-related cleanse, or detox. I'm just putting good stuff in, and letting my body do its thing, until it feels better. Yesterday was ROUGH. I was tired, bloated, cranky, and I just wanted to eat All. The. Carbs. Right. Now.

But I pushed through. I didn't do yesterday perfectly, and that's okay. I did it better than the day before, and that's what I'm aiming to do. 

It might be in my imagination, but I already feel as though I'm less bloated. By no means toned and lean, let's not get crazy - but I feel as though I look a bit different. 

Yesterday I didn't actually go walking, but I played at the beach with the kiddos for an hour, which was nice. And nutritionally, I did okay. Not great generally, but considering my mental state, and the effort it took to NOT go on an eating rampage,  I'm calling it a victory. 

Today, I hit the treadmill, got disgustingly sweaty, and then ate lunch - a ham and cheese wrap. I know tonight's dinner (Yum Cha) is probably going to push me over, but I also know that I'm doing really well and it won't take heaps of effort to make it up. 

And that weight fluctuation thing? According to Nutrition Diva, it can go up or down by several pounds over several (or one!) days. Different people have different opinions about the scale, but I need the constant feedback to measure progress - so I like to weigh in every 2-3 days. 

Here's to a Healthy New Year! 
XO, Sarah

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