Monday, December 29, 2014

Day Two...

Otherwise known as - 
The Point at Which I Begin To Question WHY I'm Doing This To Myself

As expected, I am beginning to feel worse, which makes me want to eat lots of unhealthy things in unbelievable quantities to make myself feel better. This is something I refuse to do. I have to break this cycle of self-medicating with carbs, sugar, salt, and butter. Getting this "detox" out of the way while my husband is off work this week is a smart move. By next week, I should be feeling a bit better, which will help me to be on top of my game with the kiddos over summer holidays. 

Yesterday's successes: 

I made it to 5 veg and 2 fruit, and surprisingly it wasn't really that hard. 
I exercised.
I kept my food diary for the whole day. 
When everyone else had a yummy-looking doughnut for morning tea, I made a smoothie instead. 

Yesterday's "almost" successes:

I nearly got all my water intake.
I only had two occurrences of mindless eating. 

The Tofu Stir-Fry was tasty, though my stir-fry skills leave a bit to be desired. The recipe could have used a lot more spice, and it wasn't particularly well written. I'd try it again, but with my own seasoning. I think I could love stir-fry in general, with a bit more practice. And the biggest surprise of all was the tofu. I thought I'd hated it, but despite the fact it never browned (it stuck to the wok and crumbled), I liked it. I found it easier to eat than beef/pork strips, which tend to be a bit chewy and dense. Any wok experts out there (wok stars? HAHAHA), feel free to send me your tips!

Today's efforts - Boxing, continue with the food diary, 5veg/2fruit, and reach my daily water consumption. I was nearly there with the last one yesterday, so it should be easily achieved today. 

Also, I re-weighed myself this morning, and it was 85.1 - it's a pretty big difference for just a day and a half, and I doubt it's from actual loss. But how much does weight fluctuate in a day? I want to look into that, I think. 

I'll close this now, because breakfast (which I don't want to eat, but MAN, that whole "must eat breakfast" thing will get me every single time) is calling. Untoasted muesli, Light Greek Yogurt, tinned pears, and of course, coffee and vitamins. 

Have a great day, and make thoughtful choices, gang! 

XO, Sarah

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