Monday, November 3, 2014

Ridiculously Happy

Okay - so I know, it's just a number. But it's a number I haven't seen in 6 years, at least. 

Size 14 (Australian, no idea what it is in US sizing). I am beyond encouraged. Little changes, applied consistently, is working for me. I miss the mark sometimes, but that is so okay. I get back up, brush off the crumbs, go for a walk, and try again. Seeing that number again has given me hope that someday, I might reach a size 12. Which is also JUST a number. But one which will give me so many more clothing options, and I really would like to dress a bit less frumpy for the everyday. Not because it makes me a better person, or because it defines me - but because I long to feel good about myself. Tonight, for just a moment - I allowed myself to feel love for my shape. It felt so magical, it was like being inside someone else's head. Someone confident. I liked it, so I'm going to keep on working at this, because I want to feel like that most of the time. Who wouldn't, really? 

I'm also starting a new project. Walking a marathon - in stages. I will never run an actual marathon. It doesn't appeal, running for that long. Running at all, for that matter. Very bad things would happen if I were to take up running at this stage. So walking it is. But I don't have the time (or stamina) to walk a marathon all in one go - so I'm doing it one walk at a time, until the total distance equals a marathon. 

Today's effort? 2.48 kilometers. So a long way to go yet. But I will get there! 

XO, Sarah

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