Thursday, September 18, 2014

Plot Twist!

Things have been slightly derailed here. The flu came to visit my home (we're blaming the preschooler), and appetites, energy levels, have been all over the place. Plus, one of my children had to stay in hospital (show off much?) for three days, so I was driving back and forth, and we were absolutely inundated with generous deliveries of healthy meals and even some sweets!! For the most part, I continued (as my stomach allowed) to make reasonable choices. A few slips, mostly because my need to stay awake whilst driving required caffeine. Now though, we're home, and I'm able to make the switch from "Survivor: Kardella Ave" to normal family life. Or as normal as it can be during school holidays. One thing I'm determined to do though, is have set meal times. I don't want to spend all day in the kitchen, while the children just revolve through. I want us to all eat at the same time, so I can clean up the mess and get on with the fun of holidays. Just under one month to go, and while I've been knocked for 6, I am still determined that I should not give up. My original goal, my original intent - it's all still there. And even on a hard day, when I can't see the end of this road, I still love them more than chips. Or Coke, or Cadbury. Yes, even Cadbury. 

XO, Sarah

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